Monday, March 12, 2007

Eric's take on yoga

It's funny (if you can consider pain, limited range of motion and total lack of ability to be funny) how easily our perceptions of reality can change by putting ourselves in a new environment. For all of my years playing basketball, I considered myself to have adequate strength and flexibility- at least good enough to play at a competitive level of sport. Although never the very strongest or most pliable, I could always compare myself favorably to at least half the guys on any given team. I continually pushed my limits with lots of work on the court, in the weight room, around the track and doing plyometrics and agility drills. I would even oblige my body with a cursory stretch after training. With all of this work, I felt strong and healthy- reality number 1. However, after recently taking on a 30 day Yoga challenge, where I try to attend a class every day for a month, a new reality has set in. Although I may still have strength and flexibility in my comfort zone, as soon as I step out of this area I am extremely weak and limited. Something as simple as sitting cross-legged on the floor can be challenging and painful. As the rest of the class advances in the pose, to fold their chests down to their crossed feet, I am left to contemplate how long I will be able to endure the discomfort I am feeling just sitting upright. My chest is only 2 and a half feet from the floor, but it seems like a mile to me today! The good news, however, is that I am slowly making progress, getting increased range of motion and feeling better in the process. I doubt I will ever be sticking my toes in my mouth, but why would I want to.

Lucas seems to enjoy this activity, but I'll stick to a hockey game, followed by a beer and of course a good long stretch.

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