Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A tough week...

The service for Alli on Saturday was beautiful. The speakers paid such loving tribute to Alli and Eric's slide show was perfect (though hard to watch). The kids were all very well behaved, no doubt sensing the importance of the situation. Molly and Finny were called up at the end of the service by the minister and asked to choose one flower each from the arrangements at the front. He cut the flowers and put them in little bags for the girls to take home. It was a lovely thing to do and the girls were both very happy to be included.

We also spend a couple of hours after the church back at Alli's house. There was lots to eat and good conversation and company, but the house just didn't feel the same without Alli in it. Leaving was hard.

We spend a nice, quiet weekend with family. We went down to Point Roberts on Saturday night and Eric's family came down on Sunday for the day. We didn't come back until Monday.

Yesterday was Eric's birthday. We didn't do too much but we did have a nice day.

And so, back to real life. The chores that were neglected have to be attended to and meals have to be made. Lots of laundry to do and clutter to tidy. But all over the house are flowers. And heartbreaking questions from little girls who don't quite understand. A reminder that our family has changed.

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