Friday, March 9, 2007

Going Fishy

Yesterday the Butler McKnights hit the Vancouver Aquarium. The girls haven't been to the Aquarium since before Lukey was born, so they were really looking forward to seeing it again. Plus, Molly has expressed some major concerns about the workmanship of her purple sea otter cup that we got last time...oh the horror, the sea otter decal came off a little bit after 123,876 cycles through the dishwasher. She asked me to have a word with the store people. And darn it all, she forgot and so did I (more or less...actually, less me forgetting and more totally her...I was NOT going to ream out some poor store clerk for faulty otter decals...).

Eric was volunteering yesterday so we went with my mom and dad. So, there we are: three adults and three kids in a crazy, busy space. Now, who do you think was the hardest to keep track of? The four year old? Good guess. Molly was entranced by the fish and her curiosity did pull her in a few errant directions. Overall though, she was very responsible. Second guess has to be the two year old, right? Finny has a pretty short attention span, but she listens pretty well at the moment and stuck close to me. Now you are scratching your head...who else could be trouble? Lukey was in the Baby Bjorn attached to my chest, so no wandering off for him. Well, who does that leave? If you know my family, this isn't a tough one at dad.

Dad's the one you check over your shoulder for. One minute, he's harassing us for loitering too long in front of the seahorses. The next, he won't budge from the piranhas. We headed outside for the dolphin show, but after waiting about three minutes for it to start, Dad gets restless. The two and four year olds are waiting patiently. Dad starts to get twitchy. The kids are still glued to the railing. Dad's eye starts to wander. With approximately 45 seconds to go before the show starts, Dad declares that he is heading over to see the belugas. I almost gave him a three count (just kidding, Dad...although I might try it if I thought it had a prayer of working...).

We had a great time. The kids enjoyed the trip, especially with their Gram and Granddad. We went back to my parents' place for dinner, which ironically was fish. Kind of a tough sell for Molly after a day spent celebrating the majesty She ate her beans and potatoes.

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