Tuesday, September 25, 2007

E-Blogging excuses

Our camera finally bit the dust. Between that and sending the cell phone with built in camera back to Fido, we now totally lack the ability to take pictures. And I have recently discovered that blogging without photos is pretty uninspiring. Somehow, a blog entry with a good picture of the kids seems worth adding in a way that posting only text does not. Seeing as my wife is unlikely to pick up my blogging slack, I better order a camera soon if I hope to keep any blogging momentum at all.

September has been pretty much the same throughout anyways. Molly continues to adjust well to her new school life and Finny fluctuates between being a tower of strength and a puddle of mush. When I dropped Molly off at Kindergarten yesterday, it was Finny who asked Maya, the girl in the next seat, if she would be Molly's friend for the day. It was Finny who hung up Molly's back pack and got her a toy to play with. It was also Finny who melted down during dinner and refused to eat or talk because "you guys not listening to me". It's pretty easy to forget she just turned 3.

With one of the guys away for a month and a half, I have been working a ton of hours since the middle of August....between 60 and 77 hours every week. Last week was a bit too much however, when I worked 72 hours and took a 3 day swift water rescue course in between night shifts. Although it was a ton of fun to practice swimming in the current, surfing rapids and being tossed around in a hole, it was a bit much combining the lack of sleep with pretty cold conditions. My wetsuit was good for a couple of hours but by the end of the day I could definitely feel the cold chill in my bones. At least crisp water of the Chilliwack river made it easy to stay awake. On Sunday the sun even managed to come out and we had a gorgeous day playing in the water, simulating rescues and dodging hooks from the hundreds of fly fishermen chasing after Spring Salmon.

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