Wednesday, September 12, 2007

E-Life's delicate balance

I held off posting this picture of Molly on her first day of school because I read somewhere on this blog about a promise to write about the event. However, my skepticism has turned to here it is. The expression on her face tells it all. Molly was excited but also nervous at the same time. She did great though. With more sad whimpering than real tears, Molly said good by to us and entered her world of school. Already, by the end of the first week, the class that once contained 15 strangers now has a few friends in it. A whole system of education, that mere days ago was something she only saw on TV, is now part of her daily routine. Calling her teacher Miss, a title she had never used for anyone else, is now old hat. It's amazing how incredibly quickly kids adjust to everything.

Finny seems to be adjusting to Molly's new routine by clinging a little more closely to Lucas. Now that he is up and mobile, Finny figures that he is ready for just about any game. Lately, she has decided he makes a perfect pet. She takes him for walks (by holding him up while he's on his feet), feeds him and puts him to sleep. This works pretty well until Molly also wants a pet, at which time poor Luc gets stuck in the middle of a human tug-a-war. Who would have thought that having two older sisters could toughen one up so much?

The other adjustment Finny recently made was with her bike. Our friends from Germany, the Dorner's, gave the girls a gift called a Like-a-Bike when they visited last Christmas. This is a really cool European bike with no pedals or training wheels that teaches kids how to balance and steer properly. Although both the girls really like it, Fin is especially into riding it and has gotten really good at balancing. As an experiment, I tried putting her on a big bike. After a couple of wobbly runs and maybe 5 minutes of having me holding on, Fin got the idea of peddling and steering at the same time. After she got going, I took my hands off and she rode for about 30 feet on her own. Thank you Uwe and Brigit and your Like-a-Bike.

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