Friday, September 14, 2007

The squeaky wheel...

Well, I can tell you all about the transition to being a school family. Molly has surpassed all my expectations in how she was adjusted to kindergarten. Especially for a kid who didn't go to any preschool or daycare. She is a trooper. Plus, I suspect she is a born student...a real teacher's dream. Something her mother can definitively say she was not. Ever.

Now her little sister: a whole other sour, grumpy kettle of sulky fish. Finny is missing her sister. The evidence is everywhere. If feeling sorry for yourself were a crime scene, Finny would be going to the big house for a very long time. As it is, she is spending some serious time in her room. But she gets a pretty good break from us, because her sorrow at being left behind is written all over her frowny little face.

EXHIBIT 1: Every day we drop Molly off at school, Finny showers (and I mean showers) Molly with kisses goodbye. Now ordinarily, this is not her modus operandi.

EXHIBIT 2: She comes home from dropping Molly off, and she wants to watch Tellytubbies; a very babyish type of show. She curled up on the floor and cuddled a blanket. This is also atypical behaviour. When Molly came home and protested that she didn't want to watch, an indignant Finny insisted that she had put it on for Lucas...because he, after all, IS a baby...(this was a toughy for me. Sort of made my heart break for my Finny, stammering a weak defense. I squeezed her and left Tellytubbies on for the whole painful tape, adding that I wanted to watch it, too. Yeah, right...)

EXHIBIT 3: Her gymnastics class has taken on monumental importance. It gives her something to talk about when Molly is asked about school. When Moll talks school, Finny talks gymnastics...really loudly.

EXHIBIT 4: Moody. Moody, moody, moody.

I could go on, but I'll spare you. The verdit? Guilty of a very understandable crime: missing her best friend. Oh Finny.

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