Wednesday, February 4, 2009

E- Caught red handed

I had a great afternoon with Finny today. Because it was a sunny day, and not too cold, we decided to head out for a ride on our bikes. Last summer all the riding we did was in uncrowded areas with me staying close at hand, so it was a real milestone to be able to head out on the road, each of us on our own bike. Finny hasn't done much practicing in the time since, but has grown up and learned to be more responsible...or at least I was hoping. After all, 4 1/2 is still pretty young to be navigating the busy streets around our house.

Fin was fantastic though. We rode all the way to Granville Island before doubling back on the seawall and going to Science World. By the time we got home the sun had almost gone down and I noticed my hands getting really cold. I looked at Fin's and they were really red. At that point I noticed her coat had been undone our whole ride. Having multiple layers on myself and not far from whining about my cold hands, I asked Fin if she was cold. She replied "yeah, a little bit Daddy but mostly me legs are tired". She probably rode 5 times further today than all of her previous biking experience combined and didn't complain once.

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