Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If I were King for just one day...

Molly and Finny were telling me weird story this evening about how a friend of theirs was trying to get Molly to stay on her bed and Finny to leave it. Apparently, she told the girls that she wanted to talk about big girl things, like math and the government. You know, things that six year olds know and little four year olds don't.

Funny though, because my girls reacted completely differently. Finny (who is four), insisted that she knew exactly what government was (this is her version of events...she then quickly added, "I don't know what government is, but what else could I say?"). Molly then said that she had no idea what government was. I am not sure how the bed issue resolved, but it sparked an interesting conversation.

We were lying in bed just now and Molly said, "you know, I think I do actually know what government is...isn't it a guy [eek!] who decides how things work in the city?" I explained there are different levels of governing, but essentially, yeah.

Molly thought for a moment, then came out with a TRAFFIC RANT. How funny. She said that if she were the government, she would change the road outside her school. At a certain intersection you can't go straight, you have to turn left. Molly harbours intense secret (till now) outrage at the inefficiency of the traffic pattern because, "usually we want to go straight." She mapped out the whole street scene using our feet as landmarks, lamenting the whole time how unfair it was to make people go the long way FOR NO REASON. It was intense, especially for her.

A future as a city planner...?

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