Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The joys of silent communication

Up until now, if Molly has wanted to express something to us, she has had to speak. Unlike some, we never "yuppied" up to baby sign language, so it's been talk or don't be understood. (Ask Lukey...the talking isn't so strong for the little guy. Today I learned that he can decently dribble a basketball but can't really say "dribble" or "basketball"...or his own name, for that matter. Have you met my son HeeHee?).

Lately, with the advent of school and Molly's wholehearted embracing of the written word, we have had little notes and lists and messages appearing on every flat surface of the house. In fact, last night when we came home from a delicious and leisurely dinner at Les Faux Bourgeois, the Magna Doodle was out on the table with a note ordering us to come upstairs immediately upon our return to hand out hugs.

I have seen her experimenting with fonts and typography. Here is her name, made into creatures:

I particularly like the use of legs to represent a double "L".

Molly's school bag is always crammed full of scraps of paper with letters on them. Last week, I stumbled upon a love note, meant for me. I think it's poetic. "Swet" is meant to be sweet, not sweaty as I initially feared.

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