Friday, December 25, 2009

E- 35 reasons to celebrate

On Tuesday Lester turned 35....which doesn't sound really old to me
anymore ( I seem to have finally adjusted to the fact that I am in my
thirties) but does sometimes feel shocking when I think back to
celebrating her 17th birthday together. Back in 1991 her parents took
us to The Prow at Canada Place, perhaps not yet realizing that this
dud of a boyfriend didn't eat seafood. I can only imagine the awkward
small talk and level of discomfort I had at that dinner, just a couple
of months after we started going out.

This year we decided to stay in and Les' family joined us in Point
Roberts for dinner. We had prime rib, Yorkshire puddings and veggies,
which were no match for the Prow or Hy's, but turned out pretty well
for my first try. On the 24th I had to work so I was late to join
the party at my sister's house. We were once again stuffed full of
good food, this time Turkey. By the time the kids finally got to bed
at midnight, they were so tired that they all fell right asleep
together without any pandemonium errupting over Santa's imminent

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