Sunday, December 13, 2009

E-Camera Down, iPhone pictures only

Luc celebrated his birthday with lots of cakes and toy
he was happy. Then again he almost always is. Luc is pretty easy to
please for a three year old boy- low maintenance all around. He loves
to laugh and play and doesn't get worked up about much. However, he
will not stand for wet clothes even if it just a drop on his shirt. It
doesn't really fit with his personality but I guess we all have our
quirks, and Luc's happens to be hydrophobia.

December seems to fly by with between work and socializing. We have
already had work parties for both Les and me, with a couple of more to
come. We saw White Christmas at the Stanley, which I wasn't a huge fan
of and had skating parties for the school and at the Arbutus Club. We
also took in the Santa Claus parade, cookie decorating at my sister's
and HSBC basketball finals. A great dinner out with friends from high
school and a goodbye dinner for friends from the kids school have made
for a busy couple of weeks.

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