Monday, August 9, 2010

Diary of a Great Night

This is us on the hill in Diefenbaker Park in Tsawwassen, waiting for Diary of a Wimpy Kid to start last night.

We had dinner at my mom and dad's in Point Roberts. The kids were down on the beach playing, while I was marinating the salmon that my dad bought fresh off a boat at the marina. Hooray for sockeye resurgence. We made three different dinners (pretty normal around here), one for the fish-eaters (me and my dad...salmon), one for the meat-eaters (Eric, Finny and Lou...hamburgers) and one for the veggie-eater (Molly...falafel). 

The sun was shining and the company was grand. Off over the border to the outdoor movie night in Tsawwassen.

Can I tell you how wonderful it is to be cuddled between these little people? Outside on a blanket, covered up with about five more fuzzy blankets, touching every person in my family. A funny movie, warm wee limbs, fresh outdoor air. There was popcorn and Coke. Whispers and nose kisses.


The movie didn't end until after 11. All three kids stayed awake right till the end. Even Lukey. We were so wide awake that the five of us stayed cuddled in our blankets and chatted for twenty minutes while everyone around us packed up and left. We looked up and everyone was gone. Our kids have some serious staying power.

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