Saturday, August 21, 2010


Lucas has stopped calling in Snackinaw lake, yet another sign he is growing up, but it has kind of stuck in my head.  In fact the kids seem to be growing up so fast that I am not even aware of the changes.  Case in point was catching the last ferry of the day to the Sunshine Coast and then driving 90 minutes to Sakinaw Lake and talking to Molly the whole time.  I didn't even think anything of it until I realized it was 12:45 am and my little Molly hadn't even fallen asleep on the drive.

Without their Mom (who stayed in town to write) for the first half of the trip, the kids did incredibly well.  It is nice to have reached that stage of parenting when I don't have to be on constantly high alert with the kids near water.  Molly and Fin are feeling really comfortable in the water and are swimming all over the place.  Lucas is still wearing a life jacket or using a noodle, but gained lots of confidence spending so many hours in the water during our week at the lake.   One day he took off his life jacket and he expressed to me "I think I can do this", referring to swimming without a flotation device.  I expressed my doubts but his confidence remained so I let him try under my close watch.  His confidence quickly eroded as he sunk lower and lower in the water, despite his increasingly frantic attempts to propel himself to the surface.  Despite my usual desire to not crush the childrens' egos, I was quite happy to have Lucas go through a little reality check with me before he decided to do it on his own. 
The 10:30 ferry made for a late but fun night

no more boarding...Finny's first ski
It took a couple of trys for Finny to understand that she had to keep her legs together

a lot of water was drunk in the mean time...I had neglected to mention that Finny should let go when getting up was no longer a she got dragged a long way before finally letting go.

warming up after skiing

we spent hours in the water with air temperatures in the 30's

the kids decided to sleep in the tent with their grandma one night

a much more civilized scene at the ping pong table than when Steve taught me how to play beer pong

going for really long tube rides with the neighbour Eric

kids serving beer and offering foot rubs.....I knew there was a reason we were doing all of this

Luke enjoying watching the construction

raising the first wall of the new shed

Steve's remote control beer cooler kept the kids entertained while we lounged  on the dock

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