Saturday, August 14, 2010

We slide....

When it hits about 3 o'clock in the yard, the kids get a look in their eyes. It is the "let's go to the water slides" look. It's a perfect afternoon trip.

This is another picture-heavy post. We just got a new camera. The old one met an unfortunate end. On our boat trip, the kids offered to take a picture of Eric and me on the front of the boat with the sunset behind us on the evening of our anniversary. I went to get the camera. On the trip back to the front, it slipped out the waistband of my pants and sunk in a very cheeky and visible fashion to the depths of the Comox marina. Finny has since made many jokes about seals and crabs taking pictures with our camera. As an aside, the quickest way to make a lovely moment go sour is dumping the camera overboard on Day Two of a two week trip. Happy anniversary. Anyway...

The girls love the rafting ride.

Every time Finny goes down here, the lifeguard yells from her tower that Finny needs to "get her bum down". She tries to listen, but I think she is terrified that if she put her wee, tiny bum down the hole of the tube, the rest of her will follow and she'll slip right out.

I find it interesting how the kids approach rides so differently. Molly, unexpectedly, is a total thrill seeker. She loves roller coasters and speed. Finny like it too, but not quite as much. Plus, she has a wild hatred for rides that she is too small to go on...they are the worst rides in the world. I tried to tell her Aesop's fable about the sour grapes, but I don't think the lesson took.

Luckily, this year she can ride everything here. Last year, the Black Hole was the stupidest, most dumbest ride ever. 

Lukey is a different story. Last summer, he went on everything as long as he was on our laps. I guess we didn't really ask him, or maybe he didn't feel like he had a choice because this year he won't go on ANYTHING. There is a series of baby slides. We finally coaxed him on the babiest of baby slides and he panicked mid-way through and got off. Yeah, that gives you an idea of how lame the baby slide is...

This picture sort of freaked me out. Molly looks so much older than she is in my head.

That's better...

In this next picture, I was trying to get a family shot. Lukey was ridiculous. He was bound and determined to block everyone. Maybe he was sick of me taking pictures of the girls on the slides that he wouldn't ride.
This was the fifth or sixth try at the family shot...he just got more and more pushy.

Best. Shot. Of. The. Day. Eric claims he was hamming it up for the camera. I am here to say it wasn't so. I think the drop caught him by surprise because he had his back to it. Nice jazz hands...

Look at Molly. Now do you believe me about Eric?

We got our three hours of sliding. Time to dry off and head home.

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