Monday, April 23, 2012

E- birthday parties for everybody

Les had a short trip to Toronto for her grandmother's 95 birthday, so the kids and I were on our own, starting with our crazy Thursday schedule.

I managed to get everybody from school to the pool in time for Lucas' 3:30 swimming lessons.  The girls played in the pool until their lesson began at 4, at which time I scurried Lukey off to his hockey lesson.  We then scarfed down dinner before basketball class at 6:30.  

On Friday I met up with my mom to move her old couch down to Point Roberts and get the kids some bikes.  Here we are waiting for our pizza dinner that took place in the back of the van. 

On Saturday, we rushed back from the Point for Lucas' friends birthday party and then all headed up skiing with Molly's friend Maya. 

We stopped at the Cleveland Dam and Stanley Park on the way home. 

Lukey and I went for a rollerblade while the girls played on the slide.

On Sunday the girls went to a birthday party in Richmond, so Luke and I spent the day playing.  We started with Playmobile and then went for a ride to Granville Island and looked at even more toys.  He's a focussed little dude....when it comes to getting more toy cars.  

Once we got the girls back, we went to my basketball game and then for a late night swim.  One hour after we got home, Les was back with us and our little adventure was over. 

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