Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's going on around here?

It was Crazy Hat Day at school last week. We don't have any crazy hats just lying around. Inside my head, I was wondering if I could convince the kids that a baseball hat is craaaaaazy. I pretty much knew how that was going to go. So, the night before was hat making night. Newspaper and Whole Foods bags, paint, flowers, duct tape and feathers...voila, masterpieces. And they looked crazy. Mission Accomplished.

With Crazy Hat Day out of the way, it was Easter Weekend. Normally, the Easter long weekend is my first feeling of summer knocking on the door. The weather is good, we go down to Point Roberts, it's more than two days is a taste of July.

Except when it hails...the kids ran out and braved mild concussions (those hail pieces were ginormous).

Duck and run for cover...check out the hail on the stairs. That's intense!

The storm passed and the sun budged out through the clouds. We'd been suffering through a bit of cabin fever all day, so it was time to get out and play.

I love this picture of Lukey, even though it is out of focus. He is moving too fast and having too much fun to slow down for a picture.

Molly by one of her favourite trees.

A boy and his scooter.

Eric demonstrating shooting form for Finny.

Molly framed by the sunlight.

Look at that form!

It was a glorious day and it cured our cabin fever immediately. Nothing like shooting hoops in the sunshine to fix what ails you...

On Sunday, the co-op resurrected (sorry) the Easter Egg Hunt. We took a couple of years off, but this year it came back with a gusto. I was showing the girls these pictures and they both commented on how tired they looked...I guess the hunt starting at 10 is just quite simply too early for my little family.

Nothing a few pastries, donuts, slices of coffee cake and handfuls of chocolate eggs can't cure.

See? Can't slow down to eat. Must run AND eat.

Is that a face that loves candy? Yes, it is!

Moll too. I will point out here that there's no picture of Finny with her bag of treats. She didn't even get out of the door with it intact. She'd already opened it and started eating. Good self control.

We went straight from the hunt down to the Point. We had a fantastic turkey dinner with my parents on Sunday night (without Eric, who's been working like a demon) and then had Eric's family over on Monday for brunch.

And what's an Easter brunch without....another hunt? Hey, why not? I didn't weigh it to make it official, but I am guessing that the kids claimed roughly their own body weight in Easter treats over the weekend.

It was nice enough to spend the whole time outside.

Finny helped hide the eggs, then promptly forgot where she put them.

...even the ones in plain sight. I found this one in the middle of the path.

I hid this one. I thought it looked like he was laying the egg. And thinking about it reaaaaally hard.

Cousins post-hunt.

Enough with all that fun. Now it was time to get the kids to work (while disguising work as fun). We challenged them to pick as many "yellow flowers" as they could. Finny won.

Lukey doesn't need and artifice to get him to work. He digs it. He likes nothing better than putting on work gloves and getting dirty. He tended to the bonfire and shoveled and raked to find more fuel for the fire.

And I helped.

I can feel summer coming. Monday evening, I found myself reluctant to head back into the city. I hit Point Roberts mode and it was a jolt to break back out. Come on, summer!

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