Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beijing Day 5: Ming Tombs and Great (really great) Wall

He's been standing there for centuries...I bet he really wants that snack...

View looking towards the Ming Tombs

Different animals guarding the path...they are all in pairs, with one standing and the other resting

Resting elephant 

Standing elephant

The pillars are each built from one solid tree trunk. Those trees just don't exist in China anymore.

Money (fake, I think) given for luck

Restaurant we ate at on our way to the Great Wall

Our van

Trek through capitalism to reach the gondola

Base of can see the path it takes up the hill behind Eric

View of the wall on the way up

The scope and scale is mindblowing in person

Nice hat, Butler

And, we are on the wall

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It was so bleak, cold and exposed. No wonder thousand froze to death guarding it each year. 


Pretty sure those doors weren't made for Eric...

We bought beer on the wall...around 70 cents each. It was AWESOME. 

It's a lot of climbing, actually.

And finally, the way down: toboggan! We tore the course up...all of us except Eric, who had a dud wagon. Dad and I had the guys working the course screaming at us to slow down...hell no!

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