Friday, June 19, 2015

E- School year wrap up

 It's been the nicest spring weather I can remember in Vancouver. It was barely even a shock coming back from Thailand. It's certainly made Finny's track season more enjoyable for her....and for Les who has spent the majority of Spring weekends at parks around the lower mainland watching long jump....

...and hurdles, sprints, middle, long distance, shot put, discus and high jump. Finny will go into pretty much any event she's allowed, other than 100 meters. 

School stuff is wrapping up too. Here are the kids after their big hip-hop performance...right before the band one.

The school Hamster Bob finally made it to our home too.  We just happened to get a robotic vacuum named Bob on the very same day. I'm not sure which Bob the liked best.

Free days are tight in our family. I'm making up extra shifts at the fire hall so I can get away to Washington DC for the World Police and Fire Games next week, so I've been away a lot. We jumped on a free afternoon to host Lukey's (half) birthday party in the pool at Douglas park. It was a great spot for our 3 x 3 street hockey game with friends from his hockey team and school. 

With all the sticks, rough concrete and 8 year old boys competing in a small space, I was happy to finish the game with nothing more serious than a little road rash. Well done boys. 

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