Friday, July 17, 2015

Everything's Ship Shape

Good problems to have, but we always struggle to balance our time in the summer between all the things we want to do: time at the cabin on the Point, time in town, time on the boat, plus all the other little things that come up on the calendar.

The boat is the toughest. There is nothing I can think of that's more memorable than boat time. We are all thrown together into a tiny space, floating around slowly (and loudly) on our way to or from somewhere wonderful. But finding the chunks of time required to get out can be challenging. This requires creativity.

This year, we planned a trip down to Kingston, Washington to take part in our third Albin (our boat) gathering. Eric was busy for part of it. Finny had to be back in town for a basketball camp. My dad had a few things he had to do mid-week. We made a complicated plan for Dad to join me and the kids to go down to Kingston. Then Eric would drive down to Seattle to meet us and Dad and Finny bused home to Vancouver. Then we boated around Seattle for a few days before leaving the boat tied up at a marina, waiting for my dad to go back down with Gord to watch a Mariners game.

Phew. All sorted. So we set out.

But then we didn't. Our plan was an early start on Thursday morning. Our plan did not include the 30 knot winds that kicked up overnight.

Argh. No sooner do we come up with a (complex)'s foiled.

We went into a holding pattern, even contemplating a 13 hour run on Saturday morning when the forecast improved.

But then...a small window of lower wind. The forecast was better south, once we got onto the inside between Lummi and Orcas islands. We decided to give it a go.

Despite some mild misgivings once we got out and the winds picked back up again, we managed to get into calmer waters and carry on...hooray!

The choppy waves smoothed out and we had smooth sailing the rest of the way to our first night's stop in La Conner, Washington.

Lots of reading got done.

And we landed on our feet, enjoying a late dinner of fish and chips on a great little patio right on the canal. Also...$6.95 for a huge portion of two piece cod and fries...! Yes, please!

On our way out, we spotted this great little statue put up in tribute to a cherished town dog...Dirty Biter. Take a second to read the plaque. It's a gem.

Dad and Lukey hanging out on the bow


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