Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pentathlon 2015

After a bunch of hard work and training, Finny's 2015 track season wrapped up with the Pentathlon in Chilliwack.

We decided to make a family day of it. We all trooped out to the 'Wack to support our girl. She had a fantastic showing and nabbed 7th place in a very, very competitive field of 24. 

Here's some action shots of high jump:

On our way home, we stopped in at Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford for a quick round of mini-golf.

Varying techniques were employed. Some were technical (okay, none of us were technical), some were cautious (Molly), some were very unconventional but moderately successful (Lukey). We ended up with close scores and lots of laughter.

A great stop. We even fit in a couple of arcade games, yielding enough tickets to purchase a Castle Fun Park frisbee!

There's very little better than a full day with this guys.

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