Saturday, November 21, 2015

Aloha Hawaii

Eric and I did something unconventional this Fall...we planned a work/holiday trip to Hawaii. Our plan is to spend the mornings working at the condo we have rented and then taking the afternoon to explore Maui.

The only problem? It isn't easy to leave this little monkeys behind:

But, once we got onto the plane and settled in, we cast our minds forward to palm trees and sunshine. We sure miss them a lot when we are away, but thanks to the miracles of modern technology, so far we have Facetimed them twice while we were at the beach and a couple of times a day from our condo. In fact, we have even caught a few's amazing how listening to them argue over who gets to sit on the stool in front of the computer from thousands of miles away can alleviate the heartbreak of missing them...

I won't bore you (or humiliate myself) by recounting the details of the Avis/Advantage debacle of 2015, but suffice to say that our first night on the Island didn't go exactly as planned. It may or may not have involved a massive mistake by me that resulted in: a lack of a rental car, a five kilometre midnight run by Eric, a long wait in a sketchy area at 3:00 in the morning by me and then an expensive and slightly scary Uber ride. Avis...Advantage...those sound almost the same, right? See, an understandable error....

Things were looking up by the next morning. Except for the weather.

We got ourselves sorted out with a car and did a little exploring of Kihei and then hit the beach.

And once we had our car, we had to hit Costco, too. A supply run that also introduced us to these big guys. We picked up three to bring home to the kids...because those would be fun on the plane.

Did I mention that it was TORRENTIALLY raining while we were at Costco. Like, crazy monsoon rain? And that's most of what the forecast is for our trip...? Well, I did say it is a work trip. So, we should get lots of work done...

In the breaks between rain storms, we are hitting the beaches. The picture above is me at Big Beach by Wailea and the picture below is Eric at Keawakapu beach.

I hate to say it, but it is sort of my ideal...I don't love direct sunlight, but a gorgeous cloudy, warm day with a nice breeze and a spectacular view...and a book??! Pretty much perfect.

This was tonight's sunset. Can't ask for more than the best company and warm winds, can you?

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