Monday, November 9, 2015

E- Fall picture round-up

I definitely wouldn't call our life routine. Every week is different around here. However, we do tend to repeat things each season and this fall is no exception.

In typical Butler fashion, we clung to the final days of summer with a September trip to Kelowna to visit the Ibbetsons. While not HOT, the lake still had enough warmth to warrant a quick dip on our very short trip. We also went go-karting, paint balling and had a nice dinner with friends. Pretty good for a 24 hour vacation.

The Arbutus Club parking lot party is always a hit. However, this ride has got Finny putting some big pressure on me to up our trampoline set-up in Point Roberts.

Huge day here! Molly going off to high school at Magee. 

Lukey and I managed to get out to QE pitch and putt on a nice fall day.

Hockey season started off with an 8-0 run in Atom rep tier 3.  They've now moved up to tier 2 which will no doubt mean some losses and more goals against our little guy...but he seems up to the challenge, and rarely seems stressed. 

Finny's birthday present is always an experience and there's nothing she loves more than a good circus. Kooza didn't disappoint, she loved it! 

My favourite costume that I came across this year was Avery wearing his Split Second jersey. According to his mom it was the best day ever because he got to "go out as himself".

Soccer in November in Vancouver is not a spectator...or goalie friendly event. At least the boys are winning most of their games.

I did get a respite from the weather with a quick trip to LA for the Anthony Robbins seminar Unleash the Power Within. It was moving, powerful, cheesy, uncomfortable, fun and incredibly useful all at the same time. It's hard to explain these contradictions unless you experience it yourself.

We flew in first thing Thursday morning and were at the LA Convention centre by noon. We went straight through until 1:30am, only breaking to do the "Fire-walk" in the parking lot. Friday we went from 8:30am-10:30pm with only 1 break for 45 minutes to eat. Saturday was 9am-11:30pm and Sunday was shorter at only 8 hours. It was intense...and I'm glad I did it.

Walking back and forth from our Air BnB to the Convention Centre and a few hours on Monday were our only chance to get out in the sun...but it was a great trip none the less.

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