Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cleanliness is next to Godliness


Those of you who have been to our home will know that I am not the most skilled homemaker. I can tidy with the best (ok, maybe not THE BEST) of them. And I declutter on a regular basis and vacuum every day. However, my most reviled chore of them all is...honestly, all of them. Solution? We have just gotten ourselves a cleaning lady. Since the cleaning lady we have (which is me) pretty much sucks.

Today was the first day May, our spotless saviour, has come to clean. Within twenty minutes of her arrival, the kitchen smelled of Mr. Clean. The back of the sink, the edge of the sink basin, behind the spice know all the places where guck lingers. Gone. It was magical. She spun her scrubbing spells everywhere. Places I didn't even know were dirty looked strangely different and...clean.

Molly and Finny were very impressed. They took a happy tour of the house pointing out all the things that were sparkling. Although, after May left, Molly pointed out that the mirrors in my bedroom hadn't been cleaned. That comment scared me a bit because I couldn't help but wonder what other secret observations she makes on a daily basis in that wee little head.

Off to bed, the girls were pleased to see all their animals and dolls lined up on their pillows. Molly said her bed was so nice she didn't want to get into it.

So clean. So nice. So worth it.

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