Saturday, May 12, 2007

E-Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's day and I am neglectful on two accounts. Firstly as a son. Secondly, as the father of 3 toddlers who are fairly helpless at organizing anything on their own, I will be noticeably absent from the day's activities. It's a beautiful (sunny and low 20's) late Spring weekend in Vancouver and I am sitting in a classroom doing a first aid course for 18 hours. And I have 2 more weekends coming up! So apologies to the Mothers in my life who will just have to know I'd rather be waking up early to serve breakfast in bed than learning how to put in nasal airways. Instead the girls are in charge of breakfast in bed. They have been instructed to come down stairs when they get up and make sure they don't wake Les or Lucas. I will leave out cereal, milk and some donuts for them to take up when the time comes. There's even a little gift for them to give their mom. They are pretty excited about the plan and in theory it sounds alright. Not exactly gourmet, but alright given the circumstances. However, the executioners of the plan are 4 and 2 years old. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they run into our bedroom at 6 am and spill milk and cereal all over the bed. Oh well, they'll probably enjoy it either way.

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