Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Sea of Tears...

There are innumerable ways in which parenting supplies joy of an unrivaled quality.

Then there are the ways in which parenting can make you feel like the best possible option for your pulsing head is for it to shoot off of your shoulders into a million pieces, because then maybe you won't be able to hear the skull shattering wails that follow you around your home.

There are currently four people in this small space. Three of them are crying. One is crying on the inside (speaking crossly on the outside...). Here is a small indication of the issues of the day:

1. Molly.
Molly is upset because one week ago I brought home some foamy stuff you can mold like playdough. In a 23 second burst of creativity last Wednesday, I formed a tiny bird's nest and a wee baby bird. It has sat on our table for seven days. Today, Finny mashed it up a bit.
Type of crying: Whiny, with a tinge of anger.

2. Finny.
You may remember from an earlier post that our recent trip to the dentist resulted in a considerable amount of vomit. The puke was on everything, including her new raincoat that had a sticker from the dentist on it. When we got home, I threw the coat in the washing machine. Obviously, the sticker was removed with the puke. Finny just remembered the sticker.
Type of crying: Broken hearted big, fat tears. We are now trying to tape the sticker remains together...

3. Lucas.
Sheer neglect has caused him to collapse into a puddle. All he needs is a cuddle.
Type of crying: Red-faced wail...with a back note of "It doesn't matter how I cry, you won't pick me up anyway..."

And how am I dealing with this saltwater onslaught? By blogging...hahaha!

And since I sat down to type (with Lukey in my lap, so don't call Children's Services or anything), they have sorted themselves out. Victory!

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