Saturday, November 10, 2007

E- Lesley likes Jerome

On Saturday we woke up to a clear sky and the temperature in the low 90's. Although the pool was tempting us to stay put all day, having a borderline translucent toddler out in the sun and inches away from drowning made us think twice about it. Instead we spent an hour by the pool and then headed for the hills. In less than an hour driving North from Phoenix, the temperature drops by 15 degrees and pockets of green can be found. We stopped briefly in Prescott, Jerome and Sedona. They were all charming in their own way and worth a return trip one day.

Lucas, one day you'll be reading this, no doubt having gotten into your share of trouble. I can tell you though for at least one day of your life you were pretty close to the perfect son. We drove about 7 hours on this day, with barely a stop let alone a diaper change (I think the hot dry weather took care of that). You didn't cry once and were a big part of making this day a positive way

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