Tuesday, November 6, 2007

E- On the road again

When I used to daydream about being a part of a record setting event, I was usually hitting 20 three pointers in a row or performing some superhuman feat. Never did I dream about the weather in Phoenix. Having said that, it was kind of exciting to be in the city for the hottest (95 degrees or 35 celsius) November 5th on record.

On Thursday night I went to a firefighting test for West Vancouver before coming home to pack and get a couple of hours rest. At 1am , with the girls already at my Mom's, Les, Lucas and I headed for the airport in Seattle. Our 5:20am flight got us to Phoenix by 8, giving us a couple of hours to kill before check in to our hotel. So we did what everybody there seems to do....we picked up some fast food and headed to the mall. I don't exactly have a big frame but I know I would put on some serious size if there was a Sonic and Taco Bell within a couple blocks of our house. The 44 ounce real fruit slush you can buy for 90 cents is too much to resist, especially when you don't need to leave your air conditioned car to get it.

Pleasantly surprised by our room at the Legacy golf resort we all drifted off to sleep for a couple of hours rest before the game started.

On the way to the game, we picked up John and Gerald at their hotel. We soon parted ways though.....we entered on tickets that we bought on the internet....they used ones that Steve Nash had left at the door. It's tough to complain however when we sat the whole second half in Steve's parents seats just behind the bench in row 7. As apparently is Sun's tradition, the home opener wasn't their best game, losing by 30 to the Lakers. It hardly mattered though as we got to see a good game by Steve and then enjoy a warm evening drive in new (to me at least) city full of adventure and Sonic drive-ins.

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