Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mini, mini, mini (mini) holiday

We only went to Point Roberts yesterday, but we returned to town tonight looking and feeling fifteen years younger. No. That is a total lie, but it was a really nice break and it did feel like a true get-away.

We sat around the fire and read. We ate well. We played, sang and walked. Here are some pictures from today at Lighthouse Park:

Just in case you are wondering, the one with Molly and Finny sitting at the top of the slide...they are pretending to be pirates. Otherwise, well...that would just be a weird picture. And maybe it is, but ARRRRGH anyway. Shiver me timb...I think you catch my drift.
Eric was in a semi-hurry to get back for hockey tonight, so on our way home, we stopped for dinner at Cambie Village. In an effort to welcome back the incensed and irritated ex-customers of the area (I say that because I was one of them. I mean seriously, has anyone tried to PARK in that neighbourhood? Driving through is bad enough), the Canada Line footed the bill for hundreds of $20 gift certificates to be distributed locally. We used ours this evening at Spice, a Vietnamese restaurant. It was a terrific meal. Thank you Canada Line (said in the whiny monotone reserved for parents, teachers and...over-budget public transportation projects?). And we only had to walk five blocks back to the car. It was a good way to burn off those spring rolls.

See, don't I look fifteen years younger? No? Jerks.

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