Friday, June 13, 2008

101 Looks Goooood

June 11th is a great day for celebration because it reminds me that if I keep my nose clean, I have a fantastic chance of living a long life. My paternal grandfather is now officially in his 102nd year after ringing out his 101st to the tinny tune of a musical candle.

Don't you hope you'll look this great in your second century?

Four generations gathered for a delicious dinner. We all marveled to each other that granddad's incredible example of positivity and optimism seems to have preserved not just his body, but his strong spirit. He cut a very dapper figure at the end of the table. We should all be so lucky.

Speaking of multi-generational events, the kids and I spent the morning with my mom, checking out the heart-catchingly lovely newborn baby beluga at the Vancouver Aquarium We were among the first people allowed into the underwater viewing area to see the not quite 42 hour old babe. They were permitting groups of 30 downstairs at a time. There were interpreters there to answer questions and I thought the whole operation was being run in a respectful and educational manner. Full points to the Aquarium staff. Plus, full points to my mother, who celebrated the new beluga by gifting us a family membership to the Aquarium. Now we can stop in regularly to see the baby grow. Thanks!

It felt like a special experience to see the wrinkly, little whale nuzzling her mother and bobbing to the surface to breathe...all of it obviously fresh and new, with her little tail not quite certain of its rhythm. Both the girls really enjoyed the baby, but Molly especially was entranced by the whole thing. Lukey, on the other hand, nearly clawed his way out of his stroller to get to the sea otters. I think he thought they were drowning puppies. If you can't make it down to Stanley Park to see the newborn (and I recommend you try to make it if you can...), you can get a taste via the Aquarium's Beluga cam.

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