Friday, June 27, 2008

Witchy Woman

We spent a fantastic evening yesterday celebrating the ginormous number of late spring and early summer birthdays in our extended family. Hosted superbly by Will and Janice, our family events are ridiculously fun, especially for the zillions of kids that attend (yesterday it was nine kids).

Finny, one of the above mentioned birthdays, was given a magic wand as a gift. You press a button and it makes a "magical" sound. She has been pretty relentless in her application of her new magic. Mostly, her spells seem to centre around "pausing" Molly. Apparently, there is an expiry date on the spells because when the 1,145th pausing occurred this morning (having to do with a gift bag and some sort of complicated game with countless rules), Molly snapped.

"You know what? I am NOT pausing. I'm not listening to that wand ANYMORE!" And so the magic ended.

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