Thursday, September 4, 2008

E- Grade one has come

We're finally back in town, in theory giving us the chance to blog more often but I'm finding it harder than ever to find the time........and Les I have pretty much given up on as a co-contributor.

With relatively poor weather the last 2 weeks of August, we spent a lot of time around Point Roberts re-doing the floor and other projects I had put off all summer. We came back on Labour Day weekend in time to go to the PNE. In fact Les and I went to PNE/Playland on Sunday night to go on the rides and then went with the kids and my Mom again on Monday morning.

Work continues to go well and I am almost past my first milestone of six months on the job. Our last set was particularly busy with all kinds of different calls the most interesting of which was a fire. I got to be part of the first in crew and do a primary search. I couldn't see my hand an inch in front of my face because of the pitch black smoke. Being able to see a little something would have been nice considering the state of the house. Stuff was flung everywhere, mattress on the floor, clothes piled up to waste and garbage laying around....all of which made it pretty difficult to crawl around on all fours trying to find someone. Although it didn't seem like house-keeping was the occupants' strength, it wasn't clear exactly what was happening in the house until my partner and I got to the basement. It was pretty obvious that it was only half the depth of the top floor without any doors or halls leading back. When I pushed on some recessed drywall it gave way, exposing a hall with hundreds of wires and big transformers sitting on the ground and a lot of plants on tables. Since the fire was already out by this time, we left until hydro was able to disconnect the power.

On next night I got to practice CPR again on a cardiac arrest, which unfortunately wasn't successful but is interesting to be a part of nonetheless. I'll have my six month exam later in September and be in the second half of my probation.

Molly has now started full day school for Grade one, and after only two days she is already being really missed around here. I think it seems like a long day for Finny, who isn't used to entertaining herself for such long periods of time. Molly seems to be adjusting well, which wasn't a guarantee given that none of us are morning people. Our sometimes leisurely mornings are pretty much over for the next 17years. However her class is great and her school has such a nice feeling that I can't imagine a much better way to start her long school career.

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