Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sisters helping sisters

So...sorry. Sorry blog. Sorry I took a long and unannounced break. Sorry so much of the summer passed unchronicled and unrecorded. It's a shame, because it was a summer filled with moments to remember. Some memories are just fine left in my head and not slammed into typeface and confined to black and white. Some memories, on the other hand, are fully deserving of preservation. The little triumphs and downfalls that are overall unremarkable but in the moment, clutch your heart. Those will just fade into the jumble of moving limbs and shouted phrases that swim in my brain. There is a cacophony of such moments swirling through my head, speeding towards the black hole of forgetting. This sad thought is great impetus to jump back into the blog.

Which is why I can't put my feet up just yet tonight. Why I am back, bathed in the irritating blueish glow of this migraine-inducing monitor. Listening to "Q" on the CBC, livestreamed from Winnipeg through the CBC's website.

As I type this, Molly and Finny are having a hushed conversation upstairs. They aren't in the same room right now, so their whispers are loud, by necessity. Today was Finny's first day of preschool. She had a good day, but tonight she told me that the hardest part was feeling a little lonely. I did my whole mom song and dance on the making friends issue. I reassured her that the first day is the hardest and that faces which are strange today will be friends' faces in no time. I left it at that. Molly didn't.

When I came downstairs there were a couple of seconds of silence before Molly launched into her own hushed manual for making friends. She has been giving Finny tips: "look for someone nice, then tell them your name". She has been reassuring: "making friends isn't that hard at all". She has been consoling: "you already have friends". And most of all, she is answering Finny's questions. Needless to say, my usual shouts upstairs to cease and desist from all bedtime chatter won't be floating up just yet. I am going to let one sister help the other undisturbed. And who knows? I might just learn something.

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