Saturday, September 27, 2008

E- I love the heat

I really do. It was 105 degrees when I landed in Phoenix today and I really enjoyed it. Yes I did turn the air conditioner on full blast, but I also went for a walk in the park and sat by the pool for a while in the heat.

I made the decision to come down here yesterday afternoon. Les and I worked to quickly get all the bookings done in time to give me a couple of minutes to pack before I headed off to work.

My Belgian beer, meat and bread dish went over well at the hall as did our training. We blacked out the whole building with a smoke machine and did search and rescue scenarios. Even on a slippery floor it is tough to drag out a grown man wearing 50 pounds of gear without any visibility.

My shift ended at 8am and I decided that I had enough time to buy a couch that someone was selling in Richmond before going to the airport. This would make more sense if I was going to the airport a couple of kilometers away in Richmond instead of the one in Bellingham which is completely the opposite direction. However, I managed to get the couch, stop for breakfast and still make my 11am flight with plenty of time to spare. The Allegiant flight was great and amazingly hassle free. I have never had such polite and pleasant airport and security staff as this before. Our flight landed at 2pm and I was driving the rental car by 2:10. I guess this is the advantage of the small airports.

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