Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Fun

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are rapidly turning. That means that Autumn is upon is, something which I love and Eric laments. This is the first season of soccer in our there anything cuter than little girls in soccer uniforms? This is Molly and her best friend Maya in full soccer gear, right down to shin guards and cleats.

Running out for their first shift together they were told to remember two things, in this order: first, have fun...second, you can't hold hands while you play.

We only saw them sneak in a couple of hand holds, and the above picture is evidence of one lapse.

Here is a good shot of Molly's biggest fan: Lukey. He darted onto the field a couple of times in pursuit of the ball, but for the most part, he was great. I was talking with Maya's mom about the difference between the family experience for the first born versus the third born kid. You can be sure that Molly was never woken up early and tossed into the car to spectate a kids' soccer game...but before you feel too sorry for Lucas, you can also be sure that she wasn't getting a whole donut to herself at 22 months, either (don't judge me...he'd be so sad to not get what the other kids get).

Molly seemed to enjoy her first foray into organized sports.

We have also been enjoying September in Point Roberts. Observing the chill in the air, the girls wondered if our local fairies might be in want of a bit of shelter. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we headed out to the yard to build winter fairy houses. You can see our efforts below:

This last shot is of Lucas chasing my around the yard with my coffee. I had it outside...trying to keep awake and keep warm. He apparently didn't appreciate me leaving my cup sitting on the grass because he kept following me around, yelling at me to pick up my coffee. He spilled most of it in his frantic efforts to save it. Ironic.

Fall has also brought one more treat to the family: a new cousin. Eric's sister Amanda, her partner Sven and their daughter Hannah welcomed little Pippa into the world yesterday. We visited the new babe today and the kids were most impressed with her. Lukey especially was entranced...he wouldn't stop asking to hold her and when he had her cradled on his wee lap, he smothered her in kisses and head pats. Congratulations to the new family of four!


Anonymous said...

Hi, we live in Vancouver and have a place in Pt. Roberts too! What a small world. That is a neat-looking nature fort!

Hero said...

Your kids are so beautiful. I want a fairy fort! When I go stay in the woods I have to sleep in a rundown trailer from the 1970's. Fairy forts look way nicer!