Sunday, June 6, 2010

E- Mayne

What a glorious day! Sandwiched between many soggy days that have defined this Spring, we managed to get a beautiful, calm, warm day to head out on our first real boating adventure. Bryan, Les, the kids and I left Point Roberts at noon and got to Miner's Bay on Mayne island just under 2 hours later. The trip was slow and uneventful, which is exactly what we hope all trips on the Albin will be.

Nobody was sea sick and the kids said they loved being out on the water. Molly particularly liked all the seals and dolphins we saw. My personal highlight was having beers on the sunny patio with the ferries coming and going and seaplanes delivering people to the small island. We had a picnic dinner in the park before heading home. We arrived with a tired crew of kids just as the sun setting.

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