Thursday, June 24, 2010

E- The Princess and the Frog

Les and I have been pretty fortunate to have lived in a lot of good places and feel like we really got to know a number of different towns and cities in Germany, Austria , France and Ireland. Although we really liked a lot of the places we lived and would be happy to go back, there is nowhere we would rather raise a family than here in False Creek. A big part of this is the community made up of the parents and students at our local school.

It's a great sized school, where it is possible to get to know almost all of the staff and students and a lot of their families. There is lots of parent involvement, a really good bunch of kids......and just about the nicest location for a school imaginable, which means a lot of parents and kids hang out for hours at the end of the day in nice weather. This hanging out by the water is probably a big part of what makes this a special tight knit community.

Today we had our end of the year picnic where families ate dinner and brought potluck desserts to the school field. Afterwards, Fred, Avi and I set up a popcorn machine, projector and speakers in the gym and played "The Princess and the Frog" for our schools inaugural movie night. The event was great, with a couple of hundred people out to for the picnic and movie and to show there support for the mother of one of our students who has been living with MS.

Heather is one of the first Canadians to have undergone the new "liberation" procedure which is giving hope to millions of MS patients world wide. Although she had to travel to Germany and pay thousands of dollars of her own money to receive treatment, Heather is ecstatic with the results. Heather spoke at the movie about MS and about how this new treatment has been able to greatly help her get back many of the things that have been taken from her life in the last few years. It was great to have Heather share this experience with us and to have the community at our school, in turn, show our support for her.

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