Tuesday, June 29, 2010

E Scavenger 2010

Half car rally, half scavenger hunt, all fun. At least for me it was. As the organizer, I got to sit back and watch all the others do silly stuff.....ask stranger's for golf balls or rides in their boat, scarf down American chocolate bars, freeze their butts off swimming in the ocean. There were27 items on the list for teams to do for points and just under two hours to do it in.

I had dinner mostly ready (why does the propane tank always run out when there is a big crowd waiting to eat?) for the teams upon completion of the hunt, followed by ice cream on the beach.

Shannon, Jason, Della and Miller stayed the night with us. The kids trampolined until late while the adults stayed close to the bonfire for warmth. It was a great day all around, even though we lost a couple of sweaters when the fire exploded, sending ambers onto all of our laps.

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