Monday, April 4, 2011

E- seeking shade from a cactus

Not yet ready to give up my love of tropical climates, I split off with Les after the Houston leg of our trip  when she flew to Seattle and I flew to Phoenix.  I have a few real estate and basketball projects to take care of down here, so I arranged to stay with my friend Ed for most of the week.

I'm not sure whether I've just been lucky on my trips to Phoenix or this is really proof of global warming but we had another record setting heat wave come as soon as I arrived....the hottest April 1st on record at 97 degrees.   The only time I have been bothered by the heat is when we were out in Ed's convertible for too long without any shade or water and had to make an emergency pit stop in at 7/11.

Ed and I have spent a couple of days looking at houses down here, and incredibly it seems like they are even cheaper than before.  Down here there's a lot of talk of the double dip in housing and questions about whether that means there will be another double dip in the economy.  It seems so hard to relate to what's happening in Vancouver.   The houses we are looking at are mostly in 5-10 year old developments that are very well maintained, have nice parks and new schools and municipal buildings.  A typical 4 bedroom, 1,600-1,800 sqft home will sell for under $75,000......not really Vancouver pricing. 

I went to a couple of Phoenix Suns games, only one of which did Nash play in.  I was hoping to see him play in both and maybe get a chance to talk to him, so it was a bit disappointing turn of events.  The rest of the trip however has been great.  I have caught up on some projects I have been working on, done some reading and really gotten back immersed in the Phoenix real estate market.

Ed took me out today for my first round of golf in 4 years.  Strangely enough I started really well.....and then went downhill quite quickly.  It was fun getting out on the course but I had the inevitable feeling like I needed to get out of the sun by the 15th hole.  We started playing around 1pm and by about 5 I had the saturated feeling where I knew I would burn with any more time in the sun.  With the back of my legs burning, I had to pull my socks up high, shorts down low and look for shade wherever I could find it.  I'm pretty sure the Arizona natives got a pretty good chuckle out of the whole thing.

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