Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another day, another country

We woke up on Tuesday morning and headed for Argeliers. We decided to take the coastal road for part of our trip, in part because we wanted to see the seaside town of Cadaques, home of Salvador Dali's summer home. 

The drive was lovely, but also one of the curviest roads I have ever taken. This is the view down to the town of Roses. 

And this is Eric contemplating Roses.

Cadaques was worth the detour. I had never heard of it, but was a unique and charming little town. And, quite unlike other place we have visited in Europe.

Sheltered by a deep, secluded bay, it is old. Really, really old.

I am standing next to Salvador, doing my best to adopt his insouciant pose.

 I think Eric captured Dali's spirit better, don't you?

After a nice jaunt around town (and a good phone call over Magic Jack with the kids), we headed back to the car and set our course for France. Off to Argeliers.

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