Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ciao, bellas...

After leaving New York at 7 pm, we arrived in Barcelona at around 9 am the next morning. It wasn't exactly a restful night, but it was enough for us to get to our rental Volkswagen Polo and on the road to our hotel.

We had a quick stop at Lidl, our favourite European grocery store (confirming our strong belief that the cost of living is much, much lower in Europe) to get yogurt, pain au chocolate and bread. Then off to the Holiday Inn Express in Molins de Rei. 

We slept six hours. 

Then, off to Barcelona. We caught the train from Molins de Rei into town. 

Eric on La Rambla

This picture makes me laugh...these guys were having a great chat.
Barcelona is a beautiful city. We have been once before, but we both remarked that it seems more scenic and charming than we remembered. The Gothic Quarter is a great place to get lost for an evening.

How's that for gothic?

Winding alleys and cobbled paths led left, right and centre.

This view upwards in a little church we stumbled upon is very, very gothic feeling.

Plus, it had this stone at my feet. So, that's grim. I might be cursed from touching this gloomy slab...I will keep you updated.

This stuff was all over.

We walked down to the ocean to get some of the last light of the night.

Then back into the gothic maze for beer (and free shots?) at a skeezy Irish bar.

With a bit of liquid courage, we headed into a tapas bar for some late night snacking.

We don't really know what we ate, but at 1.80 Euro each, how can you go wrong. I take that back. I think you can go really wrong, but we chose carefully.

You have to love Barcelona. It was a random Monday night, but the streets were packed and the people were full of fiesta. A true night culture.

We were very, very lucky to made our train back to Molins de Rei (we sprinted for a connection), but we were content that our long walk and good amount of beer had made sleep possible, even though we had slept six hours that afternoon.

Cause that's how we roll.

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