Monday, May 14, 2012


Montpellier was a great surprise. It is the eight largest town in France, but has 60,000 university students. It's lively and student-oriented. There's a huge pedestrian centre and lovely parks. Tons of cafes and interesting restaurants. 

I want this huge, strange face over our door in Point Roberts. It won't look out of place, will it? I would love to wave to this dude every time I walk out the door. 

The Place de la Comedie. There's a lovely park and gardens at the top of the Place. It is a great walking city.

We stopped for lunch in the sunshine.

We walked around until we had to leave at around 2:30 to get to our friend Narcisse's house in nearby Lunel.

Last stop before hopping in the car.

Narcisse played on Eric's basketball team in Ludwigsburg, Germany. It was a great chance to reconnect after ten years. We enjoyed some of the local Lunel wine and chatted about the old days.

Eric even managed to shoot a couple of hoops with Narc's daughters (we were impressed with his house and set up in Lunel, but a little shocked at the state of his hoop...his daughters all play basketball, but the hoop was in bad even had gravel below!).

Narcisse's wife and oldest daughter left for a piano lesson, so we went with the littler two to La Grand Motte, a beach about 15 minutes away. The sun was shining, so ice cream was ordered.

Oh, good gelato...we miss you.

Spending an afternoon with these lovely little girls (even with my stumbling French) made me miss our girls. They would have loved a day at the beach with these two!

We left Narcisse and headed back home to Argeliers. Julie and Darren were still awake when we got back, so we had a beer and told them all about our mini-trip.

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