Tuesday, June 5, 2012

En France

We aren't in France any more, but the blog is still there. I am determined to finish up my blogging about our trip. After my strong start documenting our trip, I fell off a little bit. Since we drained every last hour out of our time en France, I owe to the blog to cram it in...
Our second to last day, Julie and I headed to l'Oulibo, the local olive co-op. It was a great place, stuffed to the gills with regional products. It didn't take long for Jules and my noses to become desensitized to all the wonderful smells inside the building. I couldn't even smell the lavender sachets I bought the kids. 

We returned home and Jules, Eric and I took a stroll along the canal.

Eric and I cooked dinner for our ridiculously generous hosts. Julie and Darren made our trip exponentially better with their kindnesses, large and small. It was a true gift to enjoy their company and hospitality.

After dinner, we took a walk up a local hill.

The view was spectacular.

The sun set and the sky exploded into colour.

As great as it was to get the opportunity to explore this region of France, it was also a treat to spend the time with Jules and Darren.

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Julie said...

I can't tell you how much fun it was to have you two as guests. We miss you! Thanks for posting all these pics of your time with us. I love the one of you and I standing in the vineyard Les!