Monday, June 11, 2012

Sports Day

Lukey in the bike parade...

We returned from France just in time for Sports Day at the kids' school. It was a bit like jumping back into the deep end of the parenting pool. For some reason, I never learn to stockpile red clothes...the kids are on Team Red every year, so you'd think I cop on and think ahead. Unless you've met me, then you'd know I wouldn't...

Thank goodness for my mom and her red bandanas...and my old Calgary Flames t-shirt. Thirty plus years later and it still looks good on Finny.

I couldn't find Molly when I took those pictures, so no close up of Moo.

I love how the teams stay the same every year. The kids get to be on the same team together and we even stay in the same letter group, which means we walk around with the same families from the other teams every year, too.

It was our first year having all three kids compete. So much fun.

Do you notice a difference between these shots? Two girls doing the same thing. One girl is a blur and her face is serious and focused.

The other girl is in sharp focus and her face is all smiles.

Team shot.

We enjoyed our hotdogs with the bulk of the green team from our group (the Warringtons make up most of team green...).

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