Monday, May 6, 2013

E- A quick spring trip

After taking Molly to Phoenix with me when she was 7, there was no way I would get away without doing a similar trip with Finny...she has the memory of an elephant. Having said that, she's been very good (perhaps strategic) about not asking when our trip together was going to happen. 

When I did let her know that the trip was booked, Finny was over the moon while the others were pretty bummed.  Molly and Lucas actually had a pretty good week lined up too with Vancouver forecasted to be sunny and in the twenties the whole time we are gone. 

We got an early morning flight and were in Vegas before 9:30am. Finny didn't waste any time posing for pictures.

Finny decided that the Grand Canyon was not to be missed, even if it meant an extra 4 hours of driving.  Although it made for a long day, her enthusiasm was so genuine and contagious that I'm glad she insisted.  "Isn't this just the best Daddy?  Isn't it so beautiful?  I'm so glad we came."

Seeing the number of tourists there who had travelled such big distances to get to the Canyon made me feel better about my customary leg cramp from driving that accompanied me for most of the day. 

With Phoenix another 3 1/2 hours south of us, I was tempted to get the drive started...but Finny wanted to hang out with our not so wild wildlife in Canyon National Park. They let her get within less than 10 feet before they strolled away.

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