Wednesday, May 8, 2013

E- Phx day 4

Finny and Ed headed out for early morning golf session in the Corvair. 

There was some high speed driving of the golf cart...and I'm not sure who was the voice of reason in this duo. 

Finny practiced her swing and got to hit a few balls.  You can see it needs a little work.

In the afternoon we headed to the Harkin 18 to watch the Croods.  Movies are big down here in the summers as everyone tries to avoid the mid-day heat. This theatre is offering 10 weeks of kids movies for $7 over the summer holidays...which is some pretty cheap babysitting at 70 cents per session. 

After the movie, we checked up on our rental homes. I was happy to see them all looking pretty much like I remembered. No obvious meth labs or grow ops here...but I guess you never know. 

At work I've managed to be tagged with the label "slumlord". Can you really be a slumlord though when the homes you rent out are nicer than you'll ever own yourself? This one in Durango HOA is a block away from a nice outdoor pool/hot tub and park. 

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