Monday, May 13, 2013

Some running and some fun

Before Finny and Eric could take off for Phoenix, Finny had some running to do. She signed up for the BMO Kid's Mile, taking place the day before the official marathon on Sunday. 

Finny is a manager at heart. She loves to control as many variables in her environment as possible. I, apparently, am a giant variable. Therefore, a lot of control is fired my way. We are, by nature, not the most punctual of families. Here is a breakdown on our conversation very early on Saturday morning:

Finny: "Let's go. Let's go, let's go. Can we go?"
{as an aside, this conversation is taking place IN THE CAR. I am checking my emails to find out exactly where the marshalling area is...]
Me: "We will leave in a second. Don't worry. I will get you there.
Finny: "I know you'll get me there, but at what time?" Bada-boom.

Hey, fair enough. Having said that, we got there an hour and a half early. So, Finny is having her positive influence. My mom was with us, so she got a good laugh.

Finny and Delia got a great pole position at start of the race.

It was a fun run, so it wasn't timed and there were no places given. Both the girls had a great run and they were pleased. They got beautiful participation medals as they went through the finish.

They also got to meet the Canadian Olympic marathoner, Dylan Wykes. He signed Finny's number bib.

The girls also got to meet last year's BMO marathon winner, Gezahgn Eshatu. Both he and Dylan were so warm and encouraging of the kids.

We headed home after a great event. Our neighbour was taking care of some ducks overnight, so she brought them out for a bit of a play with the kids. They were pretty cute. Molly did a good job setting her feeling aside, since these were meat ducks. She only cried once. I suspect she seriously considered smuggling one or all three ducks home for a longer, less brutal life. If she thought she could hide ducks, she would have.

So, in the meantime, she stroked their little fuzzy chests and gave them snuggles. Give them whatever joy she can. Also, in a related note...ducks poop a lot. A lot.

With the ducks back in our neighbour's bathtub for the night, we headed down to Point Roberts. Finny and Eric were getting up early the next morning for their flight to Las Vegas and we had a full Sunday of sunshine and beach time to log.

I sent Eric the picture below to let him know that it was pretty darn nice here, too.

We had a picnic on the beach for lunch and BBQ on the porch for dinner. It was a little slice of summer previewed.

We missed Eric and Finny tons while they were gone, but the sunshine eased our sadness.

Molly and Lukey got lots of time to play, just the two of them. It was nice to see them slip into their own rhythm of play.

The picture below is my dad and Lukey listening to the pre-game radio show before one of the few Canucks playoff games this year. Lukey has turned into a massive fan. In fact, even with the Canucks out, we are still watching hockey. The new teams he is cheering for are: Senators, Penguins and Maple Leafs. And the Ducks in a pinch.

We also squeezed in a quick trip to the Aquarium. Penguins were kissed.

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