Friday, June 14, 2013

Bare Bones Theatre

Congrats to Les for a very successful debut run with Bare Bones Theatre group.

Running into our high school drama teacher Fred Galloway (Les and I actually first met in his class back in grade 9) at a UBC basketball game last winter, somehow lead to Les getting back onto the stage for a couple of nights playing the psychiatrist on 'Stay Carl stay'.

It's incredible how quickly Les is able to take on and memorize a role, and how comfortable she is on stage. Really, you'd have a hard time believing it unless you saw it with your own eyes.

Les was great, the play was funny and the packed house went home happy. The only difficult part of the night was convincing Lukey that the actor who dropped the "F" bomb wasn't evil and that it was okay to talk to him after the show.

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Julie said...

So impressed Les, well done. Wish I could have seen you up on stage!