Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Birthday Girl

I have never in my life met anyone as in love with birthdays as Finny. We hear about her birthday for months as it approaches. The countdown for her June birthday begins as soon as Christmas is over. This fastidious timekeeping is excellent for Finny's math skills. It's slightly less good for those of us who are subjected to the perpetual birthday clock.

The thing is, Finny doesn't just love her own birthday. She loves ALL of our birthdays. One of the things she always asks for from my mom for her birthday is wrapping paper, cards and tissue paper so she can wrap all of our gifts the rest of the year. She is the MOST thoughtful gift giver. And always self-sourced. For a little kid depending on her own resources, she comes up with some creative and resourceful gift ideas. 

The truth is, it is this incredible kindness around the rest of the family's birthdays that makes me feel incredible pressure around providing Finny with the celebration she deserves. 

She started her birthday morning with a cupcake in bed. Our bed. Because she wanted to officially turn nine cuddled in between her parents. 

We will be finding icing sugar in our bed for the rest of our lives. 

I packed her a special lunch for school. She opened a present before she left for school: a scarf from Ivivva. I noticed that she also made herself a paper crown to put around her hair bun. She isn't subtle...

After school, we grabbed Finny's good buddy Sophia and headed down to the Aquarium for a couple of hours before it closed. 

Nine year old blowfish
 Finny provided us with a detailed list of wished for gifts. It included: a high jump bar, a camera strap, books, a mono-fin and mermaid tail for swimming (don't ask...), and $9.11 to pay for the new Scaredy Squirrel book (she has already saved up $3).

We convinced her that she would feel better about the Scaredy Squirrel book if she continued to save on her own. My mom bought her the mono-fin. Eric and I headed to Home Depot and spend most of the day while the kids were at school on Finny's birthday constructing a high jump bar out of PVC pipes. I think we have a picture, but I will have to hunt it down. I picked out some books, a couple of games and the camera strap. Phew. List success.

Finny had parties at Mandy's house and at my parents' house. I neglected to take any pictures of the delicious meal my mom made for Finny's and my dad's birthday party, but suffice to say, we were spoiled. We only managed to get this tiara shot:

Julie and Uncie came through with very kind gifts...new running shoes and the shampoo and conditioner that makes Julie's hair smell in the way Finny loves. 

If there is any sweet spirit that deserves three birthday parties (her friend party has been delayed by bad weather, but we won't get away with that for long...it WILL be scheduled), it's this girl.

I can't wait to see what our nine year old is capable of...because the eight year old hit it out of the park.

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