Tuesday, June 25, 2013


One of the neatest events in this year's track season is the Pentathlon hosted by Ocean Athletics in White Rock. The kids travel together through five events. It is a great chance to get to know some of the girls in your age group and hang out all day with your own team. 

Getting instructions for shot put
Most of us managed to get burnt under the deceptive cloud cover. Molly and Lukey were really patient...Lukey even managed to get in some long jump training. Who knew those teeny, tiny calves could give the little guy hops?

Team Canada 2022, here we come...
Finny did a great job. She has really dedicated herself to track this year. She tries so hard at everything she does. As a consequence, she has really improved her results over the track season. She had her best long jump and hurdle results yet.

She finished 8th in her field and we were very proud of her effort.

While I headed off to the Mini School 40th Anniversary party (with an absolutely wicked sunburn on my neck/shoulders...it actually still hurts. My worst adult burn, for sure), Eric stuck around with the kids to see Finny called up to accept her ribbon. Only the Top 8 got ribbons, so she was very happy to squeak on out.

There's only one event left in the season and somehow Finny has convinced her grandfather to take her to Nanaimo to compete. The truth is, her devotion to learning each event has more than earned our support of her new love. I hope we have many years of track and field meets in our future.

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