Thursday, May 15, 2014

Make Hay (or time for a picnic) while the Sun is Shining

We have had some phenomenal weather this May. When a beautiful, sunny Wednesday appeared, we decided to ditch Finny's track and field practice in favour of a picnic on the North Shore and a bit of an exploration of Lighthouse Park (which we have always wanted to check out, but haven't gotten the chance). With our friend Drazen here from Croatia for less than a week more, we wanted to show him  the city on such a gorgeous evening. Eric took him up Cypress first and then met us for dinner. 

I grabbed some food and we hit Whytecliff Park. Eric managed to find the single most dangerous picnic spot on the West Coast of Canada. We had to scramble up onto rocks, with sheer cliffs down to the ocean below. 

I may be a neurotic loser, but I was having heart palpitations as the kids clambered around and explored. Dinner didn't sit too well until we were back on a less death-defying level of ground. Crazy mother, right? I know. 

Can you see the fear on my face?

We wrapped up and headed to Lighthouse Park for a late evening hike. 

I am pretty sure flip flops were a poor choice of footwear. You don't see too many mountain goats wearing flip flops...for good reason.

Namaste, Finny!
Molly was even brave enough to dip her toes in the ocean.

Vancouver is always beautiful to me (maybe it's because I came here from Ontario). But on evenings like this, it truly sparkles. Also, it is a nice treat to see it through the eyes of a visitor. Drazen has rapidly fallen in love with Vancouver and touring him around allows the rug of complacency to drop from our eyes. Vancouver, you are a stunner.

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